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O Joy. How do we meet you? How are you made manifest in the fury? Where do you begin and will you end? Are you like a candle within, casting light, but, weighted with wind, will, too, soon expire?

Or are you like the sun that reigns above the skies’ furies?

Teach us from the sun, alight in storm, and from the Son who lives thus so. Who, though we could not see His secret place within, though scourged, reviled, His Light sustained, conquered, and rose above the fury.

Make us undaunted. Freed, unbroken, unharmed. Let our eyes hold within them the sun’s light, this brilliant Body who rules the sky, and fill us again to see anew the Risen One.

Joy, we meet you here and with the wind against us, our wills not expiring but well lit, move us into this Advent Season with the Hope of Your new light, Life igniting the Everlasting. Overcoming. Becoming.

So come, we pray. Into the fury, into this fire within our hearts.

Advent: the coming or the second coming of Christ. Webster Dictionary.

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