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We will not be content existing like the groundhog, burrowing beneath the beauty, harbingers of bad behavior, hibernating throughout our winters.

But like the golden eagle we will hike and nest on the cliffs above waterfalls and grasslands in our quest to travel the heights through His Sunlit glades.

We will not pine for what once was nor what has been lost nor may one day be, trapping our hearts in a dungeon’s snare, but rather with arms spread wide we will look down upon the grandest castles and travel celestial heights.

We will not let tears cloud our eyes nor mar our smiles, but allow an angel’s touch to plant stars within them and lift up the corners of our mouths.

Sleeper, awake. Fling open the door, come with me, let us explore. We will remove our weighted cloaks and, together, prepare for flight. We will find how the Sun’s rays carry within them the full circumference of our souls’ delight!

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