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When I look at the stacks of paper and pencils on our table

I don’t think of writing

I think of dancing

Is that strange?

Writing began as I had to move through the

saddest of saddest grief

In order to learn how to move again I had to stop moving

When his heartbeat stopped

everything stopped

I sat still in silence with the memory of my brother to keep his memory moving within me

In the stillness I

moved in

In the swirls and twirls of the saddest of saddest grief

my spirit entwined with his

as if in a dance

and I began to write

For a time there was a shield

from the pain

For a time it didn’t even seem real

For a time the unknown distance between us became

so dark

so cold I was numb

so fiery

Stuck in a space that sucked my breath

I moved with weights on my limbs

Yet in this space of grief

I was moving through

Because when grief moves in

when suffering surrounds

transformation is happening


The Dance

Take courage

You are moving through

Unexplainable Power

You are moving through

Inexpressible Joy

You are moving through

This movement to new Life is

The Dance

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