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Eyes clear, ears soothed. No stone impedes your progress. The thin veil discloses gray forms, edges and outline, yet above and beyond—energy: ever-active, inventive, protective—in and around, it comes. New Life. The yearning for oneness connects and, contented, you slowly hear, begin to see in the forms, edges and outline that which you once overlooked. As from a distance, the water’s surface resembles a sprawling field.
There beyond, sit hundreds of specks scattered as far as the eye can see. Just past the warning sign: No Lifeguard on Duty, ice, choppy from the current beneath, thoughts battle with heart—a hair’s breadth from choppy, scattered despair—to bring peace.
Wings of gulls suddenly rise off the lake, slashing and swooping, up down, up down, up down. Exhilaration overshadows humility in the heights. Down beneath, with water comes release—freedom discovered in the contrast of our heights and depths.
The sun’s light is sheltered behind a swaddling of clouds subduing its brilliance, yet revealing shadows within and around me. Water rushes up to the tips of my impractical shoes and I retreat as the charcoal water sparkles like stars in night sky, and I’m at once reminded of my own immersion, my surrender to the One who holds it all in one hand and me in the other.
Photo by Larm Rmah

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