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So, I stopped writing because I didn’t think there was anything more to write. But then I noticed that it was like a conversation had ended. I suppose I’ve been talking to you nonstop…Have I?

I was quiet long enough to listen. Look! you said. Write about this butterfly’s arrival. Don’t stop!

But I’ve written about butterflies, I said. Who wants to hear any more about butterflies from me?

Study it a moment. What do you see?

Well, it’s certainly balanced. One half mirrors the other.

What else?

It has a border of polka dots. I love polka dots. I wore a polka dot dress to a party and pinned a tail on a donkey, landing it smack where it belonged.

What else?

It certainly isn’t afraid of me. Look how near to it I stand…

(Draw near to me.)

I caught a monarch once and put it in a jar because I wanted to paint it. I waited for it to die so I could lay it out flat, like this one here flaunting its exquisite uniqueness.


But that butterfly wouldn’t die. It lived on, day after day in the jar, hoping, I suppose, that I would let it out. But I didn’t. I painted it. I don’t remember how it actually died…what’s the penalty for killing a butterfly…?

…Do you see anything else?

It’s watching me. Reminding me of something I did once.

Or maybe it stopped right here, right now to remind you that every creature is exquisitely designed. Keep your eyes open.

Monday’s monarch, reminder of Hope. Reflect what’s beautiful. Remain childlike. Be fearless.

There are plains to traverse and budgets to balance. There are reservoirs to cross, ponds to dip your toes in, hills to climb and cross. It’s all there, like a map on the monarch’s back. Keep going.

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