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What we noticed was this deeply rooted familiarity in old friendships, a shared history, and a grounding that makes it possible to pick up where you left off 40 years before. But it’s more than that. The experiences lived separately are threaded together with a sweet deep love that has outlasted time. You are reunited and united all at once.

And then you begin to think about the next visit together. New Mexico? Paris? Germany? and get excited.

When I watch those old movies with friends that have endured the passage of time, I have always felt a sort of sad sentimentality, a longing maybe, for the old high school gang. I was always kind of on the outside looking in back then. I’m still that way I suppose. But true friends draw you in. Isn’t that the best?

We learn as we go, as we grow old(er) together and appreciate much more the wonders offered to us on any given day.

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