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I can see her hands dancing across the black and white ivory keys as I listen to the piano music coming from the speaker. It sounds like hers. Her music.

An elaborate run, a full sprint across the keyboard slows to a stop with a gentle ascension to the highest note. I imagine her with me and say, “Hi, Mom,”

Then reach up as high as I can on my tiptoes for the small pitcher on the kitchen shelf.

I haven’t used the pitcher since I chose it the day we divided my parents’ belongings. But I like seeing it sit there every day.

Today, I pour maple syrup into it for our French Toast.

The summer morning air floats in through the window, mixing floral scents with the aroma of my sizzling bacon

And the joy I feel in my heart reminds me of a song I learned at Sunday school.

We finish breakfast, and Fannie brings us her bone, dropping it on the carpet beside the kitchen table where she often sits begging for food. Today she seems content.

The sun is passing through clouds in a blue, blue sky.

Or is it that the clouds are passing the sun? Yes, the Sun, sure and steady, is surrounded by clouds moving with the wind. Perichoresis. Moving about. Dancing around.

I am a cloud, directed by the Wind, in the morning Light, moving about.

God Almighty. Vast space. Eternity. No ceiling no floor. No walls to close You in.

Only space to dance around. And breathe. Wide open space of air, glorious wind.

No borders. No division In Your heart.

No regret of what is lost, only grace, new life.

God of freedom…

A mother passes pushing a stroller patiently instructing the small fussy child who wants to push the stroller.

The child has two choices, the mother says, to wear her hat or sit in the stroller.

She doesn’t want to wear her hat and she doesn’t want to sit in the stroller. I side with the child.

Mother scoops her into her arms, gently repeating her instructions as the Father scoops His children into His.

Breath of Life.

Divine favor.

I hear the hose outside as Todd begins to water the plants…and pray, Water our souls this day so that we may move about and dance around with You.

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