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Hey mister, did you notice your jacket is gray, just like the gray of the sky? Or that when you walk you blend in with the ground so that you could almost go unnoticed? Your friend there is as light as the curls unfolding from the ripples of the water. Aren’t you a good winged pair!

I walk along the beach with my head down, but still taking in the scene around me, attentive and inattentive both am I, tripping over sand castles, make believe moats and gateways for the water to cleverly enter and leave.

Or will it enter and stay only too happy to have arrived to depart? Wouldn’t you stay in a castle by the sea if you could?

Feet like webs trail laughter as sleepy heads rest against summer-soaked, sunburn skin like we once did in the heat. But now we spray our skin and hide under umbrellas for protection, craving cool drinks.

Cars speed past heading somewhere. Home for dinner maybe. I wonder what to make, then remember there is cod thawing that I will slice and dust with flour and spices I keep stored in cupboards. There are so many duplicates I don’t care anymore and just let them stack up. One day I will sort, assemble and discard.

The sun dips behind a cloud and the air is suddenly cool. The day is drawing to a close. I have spent it with words spilling onto paper as I have promised myself I would. Thousands of words!

I’m thirsty as I walk up the hill to head home, crushing sweet clover under my feet. I want a glass of wine on the porch with you, while the dog sleeps on the rug I have laid out for him, and to listen to nothing more than the cat crying from inside the screen door. I want to walk through the back door and find you waiting.

I can still see the green flag on the beach now a mile away. From where I stand, it almost matches the color of the water at dusk, and mimics the water’s movement from the wind off the lake heading south.

I notice there are holes in the sky. Do you know what’s inside? I know you do, so I won’t bother writing about it. Aren’t you glad about that?

Now I don’t know which I want more, a drink of water or to see you. Don’t worry, it’s a fleeting thought, like these moments spent outside on a summer at dusk, and aren’t you glad about that!

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