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“Comedy Road Trip Movie to be shot in Wisconsin. Funny film with lots of heart. Seeking character actors…” Mags and Julie go on a Road Trip Rel_media_films

I have had two vivid dreams of being on a film set, not knowing my lines and not a single person anywhere has a script. The thought of the dream makes my mind go blank.

I was down to the seven day count before my little scene was scheduled to be shot. I thought I was in good shape time-wise to circle back to the script, do a little character prep and drill my lines this week.

Then I woke up this morning to a text that said there was a change in plans because of the rain and they wondered if I could be on set by 9:30 a.m. to shoot my scene. It was 7:10.

Oh. I thought. Well, this could be good. I wouldn’t have to stress all week. And would you believe, my son, who I get to see once or twice a year at best, happens to be in town the days of the shoot. What were the chances of that? I considered backing out, but then thought that would be pretty crappy of me, even if it did mean giving up time with Charlie. He said he’d come along for moral support.

I texted back that I would make it work. I could run my lines in the car. Then a few more texts followed, the 9:30 call became 11:00, which turned into 1:00 p.m. so I was in good shape.

That even gave me time for a quick Bible study. Look at the words from my devotional.

The knowledge of your character, capability, and circumstances must be to some degree lacking, but to follow My direct Guidance means to carry out instructions given with a full knowledge of you and the required result.

Everyone was meant to walk with me in this way: to act under Divine control, strengthened by Divine Power.

(Can you believe that?!)

Never be led by the world’s standard. My standard only is for you.

There was also enough time for our Saturday bike ride to Colectivo for breakfast before I had to be on the road to Oostburg. Then ten minutes before noon I was out the door.

Of course, the torrential downpour hit on my way which made the drive challenging but I called my sister anyway to help run lines. (Thanks Joanie.)

I thought I would walk in and kill it. After all, I had created my character’s back story, right down to how her daughter came to be born and had the entire scenario worked out in my head of what happened right up to the minute my scene began. But once I was on the set, that all flew out of my head. I felt shaky and totally inadequate. Because that’s me. I needed to hit my mark and deliver my lines.

The director was awesome and the crew was kind. They even let me use a cheat sheet for the first couple of takes because there was a line or two I simply could not remember. Then they took it away, and the director told me to say my lines the way I wanted to. That was fun. I think we did four takes. Each felt a little freer and when the director said it was a wrap, everyone applauded and said nice things.

By then I was ready to do another scene or two. It didn’t even feel like acting—just like the always a little scattered me.

Thanks Ryann Liebl and REL Productions. Mags and Julie go on a Road Trip is going to be a really great movie. And fun! And don’t we all need that?

“What is that line…?”

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