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Conversations With Dad

Stories of Love, Family and Architecture

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“Deb’s writing touched my heart from the first page to the last…her ability to express her heart’s joy and sorrow coupled with her transparency as she walked through grief drew me in. Her ‘private’ conversations with her parents that she so gently shares reveal a depth that only God could have birthed in her. Loved the way she drew such depth out of their experiences…” Reader Ann Erickson

“Love this book! An architect’s exciting life of integrity and passion. A families journey. A daughter’s love for her father and personal walk. Must read! Kindle Customer

“I just finished reading this book. A great read! It was interesting, funny, informative, at moments sad, and very touching for me personally, as I discovered many parallels in my own family experiences. The text vividly places you in each chapter and scenario, never dwelling too long, always moving forward, coupling the present and the past in moments of humor and times of difficulty. Through beautiful imagery in words and the fleeting passage of time, a wonderful tribute to a gifted and talented father, and a heartfelt account of a family’s love, strength, and devotion. Reader RPwi

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