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grace flows in

to flow out

writing from personal experiences

to encourage hope in the hard places

To the Lighthouse

A breath, a breeze, a wave frozen in time. A seagull sketched above the horizon then erased. A thought, a word. A memory lingers and fades. Morning walk, the eye— the lamp of the body as Nature speaks, distilling Deity. A trunk, a twig. A nest rests precariously. In...

To Hope

I sometimes forget about you You are abstract Love has it so much better Doesn't she? But who is Love Without you? We can see Love In her eyes In her smiles In her tears We can't see you But Hope seen Is not Hope! Love needs you, Hope Don't disappear 2 Corinthians...

Taking It All In

Eyes clear, ears open. Each stone a stepping stone, not one impedes your progress. The veil discloses gray forms, edges and outlines only, yet above and beyond, energy—ever-active, inventive, protective—in and around us, comes. This chance at Life. The yearning for...

While We Wait

Drenched in water too weighty to rise, Teetering on a precipice above the currents of the deep, Elements floating, stirring, swirling into perfect harmony-- Out of reach, a prayer remains unanswered. One move too soon and it may sink. So we wait. Buoyant in stillness,...

Do You Hear the Song?

Why Jeremiah? I woke up thinking about Jeremiah, the Weeping Prophet. He Was all ready to quit when God asked him something Like this: do you want To race with the crowd or run With Horses? What does That mean? I doubt it Was about fame or fortune. He was weary. Yet,...

Pouring a Cup…Need One?

I don’t know about you, but I need to breathe in a soothing scent. Coffee it is. The water is boiling, our cups are set. I’ve opened up His Love Letter to us. It’s over here on the table, come sit with me? There is this section that I keep thinking about. Look with me...

Twenty-four Hours

Twenty-four hours, That's all we have. What's past is Gone. Do not try to Carry it with you Along the path forward. We Have today and just Today, to live with Peace, to experience Joy And To breathe in Love. Set to task. Only You can do what is being Asked of you to...

Paying Attention

He flings veils across The year to come and tosses Shadows across the Past. We learn to stand With grace in between, like trees Absorbing the...

In the Dim Light of Dusk

In the dim light of Dusk, following the season’s First snow, Todd unloads The dishwasher. Stacks Of ceramic, handfuls of Silver are gleaming And put in place. I Lie there, listening. Moments Are measured. Cupboards’ Metal magnets snap Shut from shaky hinges while...

Happy New Year Almost!

“Look!” I said to Todd as I stopped at our dining room table that rarely looks uncluttered (like my head). But with a Centerpiece like this, who notices?! “Can you believe that tall stalk and those beautiful blooms grew from that ugly little bulb?!” “Oh, I know,” he...
“This is what I call a Master piece in every sense. Beautifully thought and beautifully written. I am always glad for my visits here.” –Sarah
Deborah Wenzler Farris

Deborah Wenzler Farris


Deborah Farris is a writer born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She is a former equity actor and singer who performed extensively in New York City and throughout the United States. She has served on the adjunct faculties of Tulane University, the University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill, and the University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee.

After a career spanning twenty years, she returned home to Milwaukee after marrying her brother’s best friend from high school. Beginning in 2002, Farris served as Executive Director of the nonprofit arts organization Danceworks Inc., providing dance and other arts to central city children and people of all ages and backgrounds. She received the Woman of Influence Award for Nonprofit Leadership from the Milwaukee Business Journal. In 2020, she stepped down as CEO to step out and into new endeavors.

Farris is the author of the nonfiction book, Conversations with Dad, and recently completed her debut novel, Not According to Plan. She holds an MFA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and writes weekly on her blog to encourage hope in the hard places. She has one very tall son and two step daughters, lives in the house she grew up in with her very tall, red-haired husband, a very large red-haired dog, and a sassy feral, all of which she loves like crazy.

Conversations With Dad – The Book

Told with tenderness and humor, this is a love story—the love of a man for his wife and family, his love for his work and church, and the love of a daughter for her parents. It is rich with memories of her father’s life adventures and career as a noted architect. Layered with the author’s personal account of her walk with her parents as they aged, their health declined, and the eventual loss, Conversations with Dad grew out of time spent together—father and daughter—sharing the stories of those who paved the way for her.

Purchase your copy today.

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