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 about the dance within

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The Dance: a physical prayer inviting God to move us from the inside out.

Dear Friend,

Throughout the changing seasons, the ever-rolling hills, tumbling waves, flowing rivers—and all of nature—the endurance, flexibility and grace of One strong determined Dancer is revealed.


God’s movement around and within us, flowing, cleansing and replenishing throughout the different seasons of our lives, nudges us to come join Him in “the Dance.”

The rising Sun, He enters, singing the words, “I rejoice over you with dancing.” (Zephaniah 3:17)

He is the Lord of the Dance. He danced on the waves and the hills. He danced on the streets and the shores. He danced to the Cross and He danced to the Tomb, then He danced through the heavens and back to you.

He knows our fears and pain, He knows our sorrow and shame. Without my Dance Partner, I stumbled, fell, broke bones, hid in the shadows, a cracked watercraft of little use when it came to watering another soul, much less a world, with creativity and grace and joy.

It was during my years of running a nonprofit arts organization that God did a new work in me and another calling began to emerge. I think putting me in a place where I needed to depend on Him and not my own abilities was no accident.

After 18 years of many wonderful and rewarding experiences that challenged, grew and drew me closer to Him, I stepped down to pursue new opportunities and to continue to write.

I am currently working on becoming an ordained pastor, something I have wanted for over a decade, and write weekly on my blog to encourage hope in the hard places. It’s my hope to ever point to a God who came in the flesh to show us that He loves us like crazy, and will make beauty out of the ashes of our efforts.

He flings open the heavenly curtains and our own hearts to save us, pouring in His Spirit so that, although cracked, we can still overflow and be used to fill another thirsty soul.

So, what is this blog about? It’s ever-evolving, like me. My writing and words are inspired by time spent in the Word—a menagerie of prose and poetry, musings and reflections on faith and family, love and nature—life’s beauty and trials, blessings and testings. I am ever inspired by the gift of Grace offered moment by moment. Thank goodness.

I have learned many wonderful things about God, but two stand out at the moment. Well, I guess three. Here they are:

1. His grace is sufficient,

2. He makes all things new, and

3. It’s all about Jesus and the Cross. This life and everything I do, is all for His glory. He is our hope, and the hope of glory! 

My surrender has been slow, but it has become a steady daily ritual—like a slow waltz—a beautiful turning of my “mourning to dancing.”

I’m glad you found your way here. It’s a little off the beaten track. I hope you enjoy your visit, return, fill in your email and subscribe, or say hello on Instagram or Facebook so I can learn more about you!

Thank you for stopping by. It means a lot!


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