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So, what was the plan?

It might be easier to ask, what wasn’t the plan?

It wasn’t my plan to dance.

It wasn’t my plan to lead a nonprofit.

It wasn’t my plan to write.

And yet, that’s what happened. All the while I was moving around the country pursuing a career in the theatre, there was a greater plan taking place behind the scenes.

Then the unexpected happened. My big brother—an architect, married, two children, didn’t drink or smoke or eat red meat or sugar (like me)—suddenly died of a heart attack. He was a man of faith who poured his heart out for everyone he met. I didn’t understand why God would take him and leave me.

I stopped moving. I sat. In my chair. In stillness with grief. And a Bible.

I read and wrote until I began to discover new life moving within me. A new plan was beginning to emerge. I began to experience what I’d seen in my late brother—the overflow of God’s love from within—the dance. God’s grace moving within, flowing in to flow back out.

I’ve discovered life becomes so much more than I could hope for when lived according to God’s plan.

So, I write from personal experiences to encourage hope in the hard places.

I’m so glad you found your way here. I hope you connect and come back!



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