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Our Mothers in Heaven

Our Mothers in Heaven

Like the new moon your face shines unseen. Your past now hidden in clouds of recollections. But as the sun streams through your smile in my dreams, you shatter the stars and light hearts for all eternity. Photos of my late parents by Janet Lew Carr at Danceworks...
Sister Power

Sister Power

I stood against the wall of the small room and listened as the head resident talked to my sister. A group of interns looked on. “Do you have any other questions?” the doctor turned to me and asked. The day before, we had exchanged a few words and after he left the...

Remembering Dad

Dear Dad, We had a great time celebrating your 87th, didn’t we? I have to confess that we have converted the fireplace to gas since then. We missed having you around to make a fire and, well, ours just weren’t quite the same… I promise I’ll...

Little Van

A lot of miles were put on Volkswagons in our family—from Bugs to Carmen Ghias to Westfalia Vans—Dad loved them. My parents made many trips to Tucson in their white Westfalila to visit my sister and her family. Dad, the Eagle Scout, liked to camp, Mom liked hotels....

from life comes Life

Leave the  cocoon, a caterpillar flies Sleep to bloom, a morning glory must Shed its layers, a grain of wheat thrives Yes from life comes new Life, not death        

Morning Light

The storm passed through in the night and I didn’t even notice. I woke up this morning and the light in Dad’s room was on. He was sitting up reading his devotions as he used to do. He hasn’t been able to sit up on his own for a while....

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