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Aging parents




My Pops

My Pops

It was Saturday morning, March 26, 2016, when the phone rang as I was making coffee. “Debbie,” my dad said. “I can’t find my new mattress protector.” He had just bought a new bed. I was thrilled. At eighty-six, he seemed confident he’d be around a while. And of course...

from life comes Life

Leave the  cocoon, a caterpillar flies Sleep to bloom, a morning glory must Shed its layers, a grain of wheat thrives Yes from life comes new Life, not death        

Morning Light

The storm passed through in the night and I didn’t even notice. I woke up this morning and the light in Dad’s room was on. He was sitting up reading his devotions as he used to do. He hasn’t been able to sit up on his own for a while....

The New Bed

  It’s Saturday morning and the phone rings as I’m making coffee. “Debbie, I can’t find the mattress protector.” Dad bought a new bed this week. “Didn’t you buy one?” “I thought so.” “I’m pretty sure John (my brother) said you did.” “Louis (his friend) put the...

Smart Phone

This past weekend, Dad and I commented on how grateful we were that we made it through the winter without either of us getting sick.  We’re both vulnerable to catching pneumonia, him more than me.   This past Thursday, the nonprofit that I work at was holding...

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