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God’s touch




Song of the Afflicted

Song of the Afflicted

When the world’s weight rests on top the weary wounded what have they to do? Climb higher on the wire up towards heaven’s view. With words they weep for the afflicted, for they know affliction. And in their pain, songs of mercy sing. So you there; lost in...
The Light of One

The Light of One

The tree limbs and branches sprawl and spread across the floating balloon of a sun. Light pushes through, taking center stage with brilliance. Place your candle on the table. Reveal its flickering flame. Even the wick’s embers, smoldering, glow. Its beauty, but...

Earth’s Radiance

A blade of grass lines up in the field. Obedient grass. Blade by blade you make a lush covering of warmth over the cold, dark earth.   Silent one, be firm. As the grass knows better than to slip backward or wander off, moment by moment, be present.   Obey, today, the...

Red on Blue

Sun caresses my closed eyes Birds sing me into silence Buds on branches burst green, pulsing with unseen life Red cardinal lands on limb, fidgets, flies A memory of beauty Majestic red against blue sky A touch of Love on my heart  ...

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