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One Very Special Relationship

One Very Special Relationship

My parents would have been married 73 years today. I can’t help but think about those 61 years of their lives together, raising children, building lives on a strong Foundation known as the Rock. What would Mom say about it all? “Not Perfect,” which I always found...
When Parents are Gone

When Parents are Gone

We were at the doctor’s office because of a fall. Honestly, I thought he was having a stroke when he couldn’t touch his nose, but it was dehydration again. The doctor had called paramedics to help me get him to the hospital when all of a sudden he broke out into a...

Little Van

A lot of miles were put on Volkswagons in our family—from Bugs to Carmen Ghias to Westfalia Vans—Dad loved them. My parents made many trips to Tucson in their white Westfalila to visit my sister and her family. Dad, the Eagle Scout, liked to camp, Mom liked hotels....

You Gotta Have Faith

If I had waited until I had enough money in my life, I would not have gotten very far.  I call it the Red Sea rule. You have to step into the water before the sea will part. I work at a nonprofit and there is never enough money.  My first year, I taped a quote by...

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