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I haven’t had the head space to write this past week (though I tried to gather some thoughts on the Old Testament Book of Judges…phew, that’s a tough one! Maybe good to take a break. To be continued.)

Anyway, I’m not sure this video I made from my event at work today will play because I’ve never done this before. But I wanted to give it a try just to share what I’ve been up to.

This is one of our arts education programs at Danceworks. It’s still going strong after 14 years. I don’t know about your cities, but we have to work really hard in Milwaukee to keep the arts and even Phy Ed a part of our students’ educations.

Like all of life, it’s about good partnerships and relationships. For the record, it’s working! I hope you enjoy!

Simply click below to watch my movie.

Danceworks 2019 Mad Hot Ballroom Competition at the UWM Panther Arena

(If you click on the lower right of the video it will expand to full screen. Who knew?)

In case it doesn’t work, here are a few photos representing 1200 kids from 43 schools:

Danceworks Mad Hot Ballroom Competition 2019

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