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Day 14 Deb’s Advent Calendar

Advent is a time for remembering pets.

Day 14: Advent is a time for remembering pets.

It came on a night I was feeling hopeless. The letter was from a poet named Sarah I had met through my years of blogging. She had often encouraged and inspired me. I realized that night as I read her letter that if she could feel such love for our dog Sam even though they had never actually met, I would keep writing.

We never know how a gesture of kindness will touch another life. Thank you Sarah for yours.

A Late Letter to Sam

Our first introduction, and already your eyes
were on the horizon.  The summer sun was warm
but your old bones were groaning. Fifteen years
with your family and only one with me, and that
vicariously through the ink spilled from your momma’s pen.

Even so, I grew to know your smile and the wag
of your tail.  I will never taste another summer sausage
without thinking of you.  Even curds and whey, (formerly
a Miss Muffet treat) brings your face to my mind’s eye.

When they brought Fanny home, you glanced at her
askance, then loved her as your own…mostly from
a distance but you allowed her to stay.  It was as if you
and Mary had a meeting and both agreed the Farris pets
were three. Mommy and Daddy  adapted to their new
menagerie.  They both subscribed to the More Principle
when it came to hearts (the more love they hold, the more
room there is for more.)

As the emerald fields of summer gave way to autumn’s
vibrant hues, your naps lasted longer.  The joy of your
being was tinged with the sure knowledge that you would
soon be leaving.  Eye to eye, you and mom communed…
unspoken words  carrying reassurances from each to each,
accepting that this was the last season you would share
on this side of eternity.

The day came when your Mom bravely said, “Run to Bill, Sam”
and you sprinted off to heaven. How I cried when I heard…
not for you so much because I knew that all was well with you.
You were chasing butterflies in a land that knew no pain.
I cried for Mary and Fanny,  for Mom and Dad, and mostly
for me.  I always thought I’d get to meet you.  I know I will
someday.  Save us a place, Sam.  We all miss you.

©smzang 2019

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