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She sits with a line to the water and watches a yellow bobbing ball against its surface. There is no bite.

But she sits. She waits. Waiting is discipline, an act of faith.

Alone, she is free of others’ calculations and accusations.

Bobbing ball drops out of sight and line is pulled taut. Almost losing grip, she jumps to her feet in anticipation.

Line slacks and ball bobs once again above the surface like an unanswered prayer. Waiting.

He stands with a line to the water and watches the bobbing ball. Waiting.

What do they gain from this solitude? Waiting as line in the water is flung up and out and reeled in empty again and again.

There is a time when the help of others must be summoned. There is a time to repair the nets. There is a time for deeper Water.

Interruptions become not distractions, but interactions, like prayers shared, waiting together in the Water.

The net of need, the need for others in our lives, is to manifest, to realize, love.

From prayer to person, from person to purpose, from purpose to God, love only exists in relationship; in relationship with God, in relationship with others waiting to support us.

Success sanctioned in solitude may seem simpler but something far superior is waiting.

Lift your eyes off the bobbing ball. Fisherwomen and fishermen, take a stand with your nets. There are prayers to be answered. Together.

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