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I found a spot all to myself. To be alone. All by myself.

A place to listen to the water against the rocks,

where overhead, gulls fly at ease with the wind.

A place to myself. To be quiet. A place to hear the Voice of the Wind speaking the Words that for too long my head has been too full to let in,

Words He has long tried to send.

They seem so effortless when they land, these Words. But watch how they struggle against the Wind to gain new heights, like birds.

There is nothing easy about life and faith. It is a march uphill all the way. And who am I to ask or to know just how it all will end?

Our vision now veiled, our Wisdom weak, all our effort is for naught, until He speaks.

Until we find that place, a place within

to simply listen.

Don’t lose heart. Eyes haven’t seen, nor have ears heard, what God has in store…

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