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Do you, fellow writer, find this to be true, too? When you check your Blog Stats, sometimes very old posts pop up that have recently been read and you go back to rediscover them too, along with all the imperfections?

So, today, I have to tell you, thank you for accepting me as I am all these years. It’s undeserved. You have given me a safe place to write


Yesterday, I found the poem below from August 1, 2016, and with so many unknowns in my life at this time, it spoke to me. Whoever read it and reminded me, thank you. I so hope it spoke to you, too, even with all its imperfections..

Beneath the Surface

The sun lifts its head from a world unknown. Glades of light make pathways into rocky depths, revealing what was hidden throughout the night. Icy tears fall like stones cast out over unsettled

waters. Set in their ways, stones cannot be lifted up without help. When moved, they travel, yet are unchanged. Stars must have compassion on stones—-weight
upon weight, as they conceal the

dark, dense earth. In their own majestic composure, stars may contain the secrets sought. Truth hidden unfolds in time. Words unspoken are revealed as the pull of a current—a soul’s prodding—

exposes what lies beneath the ocean’s depths. Truth is discovered with intent. The sun will set and rise again. The moon will be hung this evening as Pleiades and Orion call forth their troops. What battle will ensue as

time escapes? Light penetrates into our depths as we move along its pathway. Complacency flees. Sufficiency is found. We

find the strength to move what once seemed impossible.

Feature photo: Retro Supply, Unsplash (a tad tidier than my own writing space)

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