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Three things I have come to realize I am completely incapable of achieving on my own. No matter how hard I try, I fail. But every day, I begin again with good intent. I have found no better way to inspire peace, patience and purity than in observing nature. So I walk.

I walk to be aware of my heart beating. I walk to see and observe what is so often missed. I walk to discover truths tucked into the unfolding beauty of tree trunks and limbs, stems and petals, rocks and water. Nature: God’s Magnificent Masterpiece.

Sounds of car engines racing past me irritate. I walk quickly down the hill to get away from the noise and vibrations, passing by the edge of the woods as a tree chuckles its delight.

Wildflowers peer out with an almost noble alertness as if to question my frenzy. Their blooms undaunted by the overwhelming stature of nature’s competitors all around them.

They seem happy–peacefully and patiently, purely growing from innocent seed to elegant blossom. Dandelions rest comfortably on a bed of milkweed.

Berries cluster,

tree limbs grow,

waves roll,

rocks glide,

wood drifts,

clouds sail

pinecones land

leaves unfold

and flowers bloom, all in the Artist’s eye, in groups of three.

Like triplets of Grace, rocking, pulsing, flowing, in, out and all throughout every living thing. Who can explain the Divine Mystery better than Nature?

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