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Many years ago, when we exchanged names at work, Susie picked mine and I received one of the most precious gifts ever. Beautifully hand sketched and scripted inside each letter of Merry Christmas was the story of the Annunciation.

Every year I would hang it across our kitchen window over the Holiday Season and every year I would carefully fold it up and tuck it away.

Last year, I had tucked it somewhere and it was nowhere to be found. It broke my heart. 💔

This year, on the first Day of Advent, I decided to pull out my Advent Calendar to hang (just for the fun of it), and guess what was tucked inside Day 1? Susie’s gift! I was just thrilled.

I also found the 24 Days of my Advent writings. I felt inspired to fill up the rest of the pockets. But I don’t know. Maybe not.

Last time, it went well until about Day 8. Then I became a monster. You know, the pressure of coming up with something each day and all. Todd said he wants nothing to do with it. But it’s all done! 🗓️ Ha! Hmm…

Advent Reflections Day 1

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