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I don’t have a whole lot of experience training puppies. Our dog Sam was the first time I’d ever experienced obedience school. He needed it. He did receive his diploma, but that was only because the trainer didn’t want us bringing him back.

I’m not sure I’ve mentioned that we have a new puppy. Todd had been checking into it for a while. He’d been worried about me losing old Mr. Sam. So on Saturday, two weeks ago, we drove to Illinois to visit some puppies. Introducing Fannie Farris:

Fortunately, I have a little time off right now from work. Tending to Mr. Sam and Miss Fannie is almost a full time job. I did get a couple hours of writing time in this morning–that was a treat–had lunch, and managed to fit in a walk, but the rest of the day was like riding a see saw, like yesterday, and the day before that. Up with Sam, down with Sam. Up with Fannie, down with Fannie. Not to mention that Mary has realized she likes to be hand fed too. But I’m enjoying it. I’m getting a lot more activity, and we are all falling in love with Fannie. Even sassy cat, Mary.

We are in bed now, Sam is chewing on his bedtime treats, Todd and I are reading, I’m not sure what Mary is doing, hopefully she’s not locked in the basement like last night. (Sorry Mary.) She likes it down there, just not all night. And Fannie is in her pen. Barking.

“No Fannie!” I yell down the stairs. I’ve done this before and she had seemed to respond. You don’t want puppies to think it’s okay to bark obnoxiously. It disturbs the neighbors.

She barked louder.

“No, Fannie! NO!” I scolded.

“They don’t respond to that,” Todd said.

Baark! Hoowwl!

“No Fannie!” Since when is he the permissive parent? I thought to myself. “We have to be firm.” I said all confident like. Anyone who knows me, knows that I win the award for permissive parenting.

“She’s confused,” Todd said. “She didn’t do anything wrong. She’s in her pen, that’s all. Make her feel good.”

Hmm…I paused. This is why I married this man. I stopped.

“Good girl, Fannie. We love you. Good girl. Night night, sweet girl. Sweet dreams.”

Silence from Fannie. Just like that.

Why do I always make love so complicated…?

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