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She stood waiting, unaware of the world watching.

Shifting her weight from foot to foot, her line took on that of a dancer.

Fine hair swept off her brow revealed the elegant bone of her cheek pointing upward toward her perfectly placed bow.

She was protected by the shadow of His strength and knowledge which hovered, not hindered.

Adorned in innocence and untouched by self-consciousness, I watched her and for just a moment wished I were young again.

He held what she wanted in his hand and she wasn’t afraid to reach for it.

She would not, after all, keep it for herself.

Soon enough, she would return a portion to him.

How often do I forget that what I need is right beside me, too involved to see.

Find wisdom in a child’s trusting innocence and know that all is as it should be.

Look closer, see wings of hope like the patterns of birds set in blue.

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