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Who can turn off the moon or flip off the starlight? Not you. Not I. We are who the sky invites to sit beneath its vast canopy and rest within the moon’s light

or beneath the sun as it traverses across this great field of a sky

And we are where the salty sea dries on our skin, a healing balm against all that needs healing beneath our flesh

This is where we will stay

A single small seashell, perfectly smooth, the size of your thumbprint carried on a morning walk will stay in my pocket as we

leave footprints in the sand until the waves curl in on themselves and erase all traces of us and

all that has passed before

We will not be labeled. Not now. Not even by a waiter frustrated that we switched tables three times or by a manager who comes to tell us not to do that again

We are free

We laugh as we wait 45 minutes for fish tacos because that’s what you get for switching tables

But we leave a nice tip and run off in sand soft as silk and white as clouds

Later we will dive into the turquoise sea

Or we will just sit and think about it and all the rest of

our own special beautiful things.

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