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The wind is coming from the north. I notice it first because the tall grass is bending to the south and then I am aware of its caress against my skin. The sun’s heat presses down and enters. 

You always wait for an invitation. 

The grass stills. The bee flies away. You wait. To enter. 

The deep green of the sea turns to midnight blue as clouds peek from the horizon, barely noticeable. I would have missed them, like the wind, if my eyes hadn’t been drawn to the water’s color out where it’s deep.

Seagulls appear like white tissues blowing in the air. They become slivers, barely perceptible, as they fly into the sky’s light, then reappear with gusts of movement scattered across the water’s surface. 

Your Beauty I can’t ignore. 

Who am I to enjoy summer’s unfolding this morning! Who are You, O LORD, to wait so patiently, attentively, drawing me in with your mysteries. I am a mist and will soon disappear. My clothes will gather moths. Your garments are layered with star-filled galaxies, heaven upon heaven. You are eternal. 

Wake my soul to feel your gaze in the shadows of the trees that shoot upward so nobly. Make me like a tree, strong and firm, grounded and rooted in Nature’s strength, earth’s rich soil, dependent on the sun and rain for nourishment, and on the wind to learn to withstand the storm when it comes. 

Enter in where midnight meets day. Fill to full this vessel with cracks. Keep filling or I will be useless. Look in as I have looked out and in seeing Your Glory, surrender into it, into Your refilling and refining grace. Look in and make me like You. 

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