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Hopes and fears Of all the years were met in the Humblest of the humblest Helpless but Not hopeless

Faith can feel fragile Facing the fears filling The world and yet Into the world He came He comes He will come again

Advent Preparation Are we prepared?

“Teacher we want to see a miraculous sign from you,” The teachers of the Law said To Him

I get that

Today Faith can feel futile in the Midst of holiday magical merry moments

Please Lord A sign might be Helpful to Restore Hopeful in so many of us And yet His response to them: None will be given Except the sign of the Prophet Jonah Three days and three nights In the heart of a great fish The sign of judgement to come

Too much to consider? Swallowed by a fish…?

But what of the sign of Salvation Three days and three nights in the heart of the earth?

What of that?

Still we might wonder and may ask Give us a sign? You Really walked the earth? Really were born of a Virgin? Really Were crucified and rose?

Do you need a sign?

Sometimes in my fearful moments In my weakness In my lost and lowly state I want a sign

A Holy Infant Tender Sweet Beneath Heavenly streams of light Causing shepherds to quake Born to save The weak The lost and lowly The hurting and humble

Sometimes I look back Sometimes I wonder about Tomorrow Sometimes I look into the moment and find that a Miracle I didn’t even ask for Was there all along just Waiting

Christmas Cactus Decades dormant Thorns and dry ground




Matthew 12:38-40

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