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The sun lifts its head from a world unknown. 

Glades of light make pathways into rocky depths revealing what’s been hidden throughout the night. The icy tears lay like stones cast out over unsettled waters. Set in their ways, stones cannot be lifted without the help of another. Though moved they are still hardened—moved, yet unmoved.


The stars have compassion on the stones, weight upon weight, as they conceal the dark, dank earth. In their own majestic weight, stars hold secrets sought.


Truth hidden unfolds in time. Words untold are revealed as the pull of the current, the soul’s prodding, exposes what’s beneath the ocean’s floor. 


Truth is discovered with intent.


The sun will set and rise again. The moon will be hung this evening as Pleiades and Orion call forth their troops. What battle will again ensue as time escapes?


Light penetrates into your depths as you move along its pathway. Complacency flees. Sufficiency is found. 


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