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It wasn’t the plan to start preparing for Christmas before Thanksgiving. I have never in all my life done that. It sneaks up on me every year. But with the early snowfall and all, what can I say? I found myself in the spirit.

(Spoiler alert to staff and family members, by reading this it may spoil a Holiday surprise.)

How many times have you walked up to your car and needed a snow scraper but had to use your glove or the arm of your coat as night is falling and you’re shivering? It’s miserable and happens to me at the most inopportune times. But now…Just listen to this.

Todd said it was the dumbest gift idea ever. I thought it was a great idea.

So, we were running errands last Saturday and ended up having an argument at the Eddie Bauer cash register in front of an audience of waiting customers during a Saturday afternoon rush.

“What are these?” He said as I was loading thirty travel scrapers onto the counter.

“Travel scrapers!”


“You can put one in your purse or dance bag or coat pocket and use it instead of your fingernails.

“Oh come on, that’s stupid,” he said.

“Why is that stupid? I think it’s a perfect gift to go with these cozy fireside socks.”

“Oh honey,” Todd said as he was grabbing at them and already stuffing them back in the racks. Everyone was looking at us.

“See what I have to put up with?” I said light heartedly to the cashier who wouldn’t look up, while wanting to throw all the scrapers at Todd.

“I have two of them,” the cashier spoke, not making eye contact with either of us. “One in my car and one in my purse.”

A silent moment followed. This had shut down Todd completely. He had no comeback. He had two women telling him it was great and he was Scrooge. We walked out of the store with the scrapers. Except…

The whole way home he didn’t stop defending his position.

“You can say you use it instead of your glove and get the glove all wet anyway. You’re going to have to crawl up on your hood to get to the middle of the windshield.” He was shaking his head. “We have five good scrapers in the garage.”

“I know. And they’re always in the garage when I need one!”

“I can just see it. ‘Darn! I left my scraper in my other coat pocket’…!”

“I just don’t understand why you have to make such a scene in front of everyone.”

“I don’t mind people seeing the way we are. I like people seeing what could seem to some like a fight. We’re comfortable with each other, it doesn’t matter. I’m not terribly embarrassed, just a little embarrassed. It was a no win situation. I should have just kept my mouth shut.”

“But you never keep your mouth shut.” Maybe this time I should have kept mine shut. Am I wrong about these scrapers?

I really do think they’re going to come in handy. Really.

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