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Rising to a new day is like preparing for a dance lesson–you might resist the challenges that lie ahead or step into it with hopeful expectancy. Either way, the opportunity is there to rise to new heights of movement within yourself and with others–moving away from negative thinking, doubts and despair toward work inspired by acceptance, purpose and potential. All that hinders you becomes powerless as you focus on the dance and take the steps. The dancer wakes up and fears become phantoms. 

It’s a misconception that you have to start dance young, be a quick learner and have flexibility. The music is both forgiving and inspiring. The process of learning to dance restores youth, strengthens your mind and gives you poise. The Way to the dance is a Good Teacher, leading you with perfect balance, guiding you, giving you strength to dance well and with others. You discover a new center of existence. 

It’s a beautiful thing to observe the teacher and student and watch the dance unfold. The Teacher opens up the desire to learn more and more and helps the student discover new possibilities. It’s a good partnership–the Good Teacher and you. 

Ignore the grumbles around you. They aren’t grumbles against you but against the dance. 

Prepare to rise to new fullness of life today as you discover the dance within you–its rhythmn echoing throughout the chambers of your being. Rise and join the dance. It will carry you on the wings of Grace. 

(Inspired by Isaiah 60:1)

Picture from my last flight.

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