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The nature of Love cannot live with the nature of Fear any more than the nature of Peace can make a home with the nature of Confusion

Love and Peace will always rise above Fear and Confusion when given the okay

Guidance shows up and leads the way

Free from all interruptions

I took my time reading my Devotions

surrendering into the day

freed from the lingering fears and confusion any normal day may bring

I went for a walk

following a path

I’ve taken many times

listening to Kiri te Kanawa

Carried away by the desert cacti’

textures and colors

An upside down lone black beetle

The intricate designs on the sprawled wings of a dead hawk

Rocks crying out

Tree limbs like sea creatures forcing their way through fences

It was magical

Then I found myself lost

Draught had stolen the water and I ended up off the path and in the Tucson wash

eventually on the wrong side of it

I couldn’t find my way home

My sister had to come in the car

It’s not the first time

The funny thing is, I was almost home and kept circling on the curving streets just blocks away

Sometimes home is right in front of us and we don’t even realize it

That place of Love and Peace

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