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Why Jeremiah?
I woke up thinking about
Jeremiah, the

Weeping Prophet. He
Was all ready to quit when
God asked him something

Like this: do you want
To race with the crowd or run
With Horses? What does

That mean? I doubt it
Was about fame or fortune.
He was weary. Yet,

God’s word was in his
Heart. “Like a fire shut up
In my bones. I am

Weary of holding
It in. Indeed, I cannot.”
The depressed Saint had

A longing within
To trust. It’s a lonely road.
A weighty task, a

Lonely walk. It’s here
In the lonely that trust is
Proven. Will we wait?

Wait through the lonely
To come to truly trust? With
Patience, Peace…Silence.

Do you hear the song?
“A song high above the trees
Ringing through the night.”

In the silence the
Trees stand exposed as you and
I stand before God.

Wind through sinews and
Tendons extending skyward.
Breath crystallized, air

Icy, swirls of soft
Mist twirl like smoke. There is
Movement. The sky is

Edged with silver as
It adorns the branches, rays
of glory appear.

Snow falls. We wake in
A land of wintry wonder
Robed in light. Threads glow,

Connecting us, earth
To heaven, as the Sun brings
Healing in its rays.

The Sun! Look! See His
Signs as He establishes
His Name among us.

Snowflake photo: Aaron Bruden, Unsplash

Lyrics: Do You Hear What I Hear? Noel Reigny

Scripture: Jeremiah 12:5-6, 20:9

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