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I’m home for lunch today and I actually took time to stop writing and eat. Where do the hours in a day go?

I buy an eggplant every so often with full intention of slicing it up and frying it with melted cheese and fresh tomato–Mom’s favorite. It doesn’t happen. By the time I pull the pudgy purple thing out from the bottom drawer of the fridge, it doesn’t look so purple and it’s grown big brown polka dots. With guilt, I toss it.

Today, it made it to the frying pan.

Debbie's eggplant

Voila! Lunch is served.

It was so delicious I had to write it down:

Make 3/4 inch slices with one medium eggplant (about 8)

Whip 1 egg, a little salt and pepper with a fork

Sprinkle crunchy panko crumbs on a plate

Dip then flip each slice in the crumbs (adding more as needed) and place in heated skillet with coconut oil spray or whatever you prefer until they are crispy golden brown. They should turn over easily

Slice fresh mozzarella and top each eggplant round

Put a dollop of pesto in the center of each

Slice some little tomatoes and set them cut side down in the middle of the pan making it look like the center of a flower

Cover and heat over medium until the eggplant is soft with a fork’s prick and the cheese is gooey, then carefully spoon some of the tomatoes onto the center of each slice

Place as many as you want on a plate with a leaf of fresh basil under each. Or, once they have cooled a little, you could serve them as an hors d’oeuvre.  Add a salad, a little pasta, a glass of chilled rose′ and you’ve got dinner!

Then, when you’re done eating lunch, be really decadent and take a little nap.



So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. 1 Cor 10:31

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