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There is a space within every beating heart that reaches beyond what the eye can see on earth, below the earth and above the earth, beyond the stars and the clouds we carry within.

A love higher and wider, deeper and greater than our ability to understand reaches down to the place where flowers grow on hillsides,

where lovers sit on beaches,

and children play in sand as a protective father stands off in the distance watching.

It was a cloudy windy morning, rain dripped from my umbrella like my tears over the duck I passed sitting beside his mate who I noticed had died. He allowed me to sit beside him and to take in the grief apparent in his eyes.

Three days later they were still there–the monogamous mallard and his mate. Someone had left bread crumbs and he was eating them as I passed. Bread of Life, I thought to myself.

Is it a coincidence that the ducks disappeared on the third day?

Things like these cause me to wonder about a Love far greater than ourselves, a Love that is beyond the reaches of our thinking.

The sun pushed its presence through the clouds and rain and I was sure there would be a rainbow as I looked up. A blue sky was busting through the gloom and I noticed an elderly couple crossing the street holding hands.

There are no coincidences in creation. Mother Nature makes no mistakes. But revelation can be discovered within a seed or behind a smile or beside a duck. Or beyond a stone cold existence where an adoring Father stands in the distance waiting.

I walk in through the backdoor tonight and find my old dog asleep beside the fireplace. I stand watching and waiting for a beating heart, and suddenly his head pops up. He wags his tail.

Is there anything more Glorious than all this?

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