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We’re in the process of clearing things out of our well-lived-in, comfy old house—21 years for the two of us, 32 years for my parents before us, 10 of those with me there too. It’s the ol’ family home. It’s a ton of stuff!

While it’s a project in and of itself for sentimental me, I still find that clearing out my head is the greater of the two challenges—like carrying around regrets that have begun to justify themselves. Poor T has had to listen to me but that’s not the me I want to be.

So when I read the words, “Regret nothing.” in my devotion this morning, I thought, it’s not the me God wants me to be either.

And as if I needed any further assurance, after I finished my quiet time, I picked up an old journal and as I read the words I had written eight years ago on this day, a rainbow from the leaded glass window above my head stretched across these words. Maybe they’re for you too:

You are free from the past and have no worries of the future. You have Me bearing gifts for this new day which we will enjoy together. Freedom, peace and abundance – satisfaction for every desire, a life fulfilled. Receive My love, My blessing.

The map I provide is only for one day’s journey. It’s not rocket science. Watch for the subtle twists and turns which bring unexpected beauty. If you get a little lost, close your eyes and rest. Listen for direction. It will come. The secret is not looking beyond today. Share your GPS (God’s Presence Sought).

Carry only what you need for the day in your heart, then I can transform your thinking. What’s old is gone. What’s here is made new. What’s to be, is not yet. I will provide the direction to your destination.

Blessed is the one whose help is the God of Jacob. (Jacob, who wrestled with God, deceived his brother, Isaac, was fearful and raw. I use willful, deceitful, fear-filled liars to do My work. Do you qualify?) I am faithful. Put your hope in Me.

(May 29, 2013: Numbers 4:21-28, Psalm 146, Matthew 5:21-26, Hebrews 8.)

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