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In the beginning God created. 

Formless and empty darkness covered the deep place of her soul. 

The Spirit of God was hovering, protecting, participating in the creative work. 

God spoke into her light. He knew Light was Good. He separated light from darkness for her to discover, offering a vast canopy over her head, high above the open expanse. A greenhouse of beauty to be delighted by–the sun and sky, moon, the water. He offered His Hand to help give her bearings. 

Good and perfect, ecological balance He offered. Two ears He gave her to hear His Voice, two eyes to see His Unseen Face. And Freedom. He gave her freedom to hear and to see and to choose. Freedom to fill her mind, her senses, her lungs, her stomach, her heart. 

Formed from a seed, He breathed into her, His Life. Created in His Image both male and female. Seedbearing. Fruitful. Amazing. Wonder-filled. 

One day, one hour, one second. She chose.

Childlike amazement gained eyes for the Unseen, a foundation, her purpose designed and created by God. 

She heard, she saw, she lived. She followed Him into Eternity. 

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