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We were winsome, a little different than the others, often off on our own, always looking in.

I admired her, her poetic way of seeing the world, and her beige suede boots. She was smart, made pen drawings, played classical guitar, wrote poetry. She gave me the boots.

I sketched with pencils and painted, played a little folk guitar and piano, sang at church, wanted to act.

We were both a little rebellious. But we were soul sisters.

Then we went our own ways. Gillian became a writer, married a Frenchman, moved to Paris.

I became a singer/dancer, married an actor, the road was my home.

Now she is a painter, still married to her French soulmate with three beautiful children.

I am a writer, who found her soulmate, and has one perfectly wonderful son and two step daughters. I came home.

Life happens.

But mostly we are two women who found each other again. Love always does.

We said goodbye for now at the airport this morning. We made it even though Siri was taking us to Mitchel Airport in California. We are both praying for Ukraine. 🇺🇦 We are both directionally challenged, but together it works. We wanted to keep driving to California.

What treasure have you rediscovered lately…?

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