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I can barely perceive the thread of light–the Fisherman’s line cast down into the depths of thought. No hook is needed, only a tiny opening, a single thought, and with its sharp penetration the shadows vanish. The invisible line becomes a Lightbeam, doubt is swept out. The vessel shines. 

He enters, sits, as I quickly search the rooms He knows so well, for secrets I’ve hidden from Him. He calls my name to come and sit, but I’m still too jittery from the dark, so He waits in His chair surrounded by Light. 

I collect the discouragements laying around haphazardly and dig out my faults and fears from the dark corners. They had built up so quickly in my distraction. I notice He has lit a fire as I finally enter to take a seat beside Him, and as I throw the bundles from my arms into the flame, it spits and sparks its delight. He smiles. I sit. 

The warmth of His Presence fills me as He talks to me about His needy friends He’d like to invite in. We sit in silence for quite a while. I’m not really up for company, I think and He sees. I notice His smile again as I bask in the Presence of His restoring Love. I know I can’t keep it for myself. 

In the windows of my soul He plants seeds where Fruit will grow and ripen. He’s brought me His Gift of Grace, once again, into this place. I unwrap it. “Be like a shelter from the wind,” He says this lightly but the words are weighty. His strength covers my weakness. 

He stands then and I feel my heart again. He touches my eyes. “See as I see.” He prepares to depart. “Your eyes will see and your ears will hear and listen.”

Then with a kiss on my forehead He reaches into his deep pocket and places one more package into my hands before securing the door behind Him from doubts reentering. 

I untie the ribbon, remove the paper and see. 


I’m astonished. 

I hadn’t asked for it. He had only caught a flicker of a thought of it and brought it to me. 

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