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I was going to wait till the end of the week to post my reflection on Joy for the third week of Advent, as I’ve been doing. But then realized I still have to fit in Love before the 24th…

The photos in this post are taken with the eye and hand of photographer/poet/writer Gary Fultz.

To you, I pour out my heart.
To you, I lift my words.
To you, when I am in trouble, I reach.

But your comfort I cannot find.
With moans I cry, Where are you?
I can neither sleep nor pray.
My mind is ever wandering. …wait

In the morning and again at dusk, I walk.
Songs come to me, Hymns of old, and
My heart begins to hum
To you.

Surely, your sweet mercy can spare a drop for me,
you haven’t forgotten me completely.

Surely, your promise to be with me always is true.

Your anger only lasts a night. Your mercies are new for me, too.

You have compassion left to spare
a little for this sorry soul!
And your right hand

Will guide my own.

It’s then, I begin to ponder …wait

I stopped my aimless wandering
where I’d find myself, once again,
ahead of you, leaving you
in the dust of my soul’s poverty,
from those,
once again,
Self filled
Self focused
Self centered

I pondered your beauty at the rising of the moon.
In the dawn’s light, where it was
sketched into the curled veins of leaves and outlined by
the dried bark of winter’s branches, I shivered.

I mused as the birds endured the chill and sang
songs of good cheer in the cold, snow falling,
as the wind blew
through my hair and wiped
away icy words and
lifeless sentences.

The Sun shone its glory then, and dried
my tear-dampened pages
with their blurry phrases
of hopeless life and
lifeless meaning.

It was in this landscape I stood and longed
for you to teach me, sparkling
truths, those bold displays revealing
all you write on—
Your beloved Creation,
beloved children,
beloved ones,
Beloved Son.

The skies shout your story,
Vibrant wisdom, mischievous laughter,
carrying mysteries of light and passion and fire.

How the earth shakes and my heart trembles
as you draw near,
stepping down the
clouds away from the
door of Heaven, to us.

It’s then, I turn and find your
footprints behind me,
turn back to you, see them ahead, and follow
your steps, up. You are and have always been with us. …wait

As I step into your sanctuary, Joy greets me,
turning my heart into a Bethany Home for yours
to invite others in.


Pondering Psalm 77

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