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It’s not mine. I didn’t coin the phrase. A daughter of a friend of mine did. I’m adapting it.

It’s Thanksliving time!

My heart is full as Buffalo, New York gets hit with 3 feet of snow. I love snow. I live nowhere near Buffalo. But that’s going on as I write. We only have a smattering of flurries here in Wisconsin, but one can hope.

And in the meantime, I’m going to enjoy the feeling of completing a manuscript, proposal, query and cover letter—hook, pitch and summary, and a list of Literary Agents I’ve researched. I have such respect for writers and authors and all those who help bring beautiful words into the world. Phew!

After two years of working toward this goal, and something like ten years of writing, yesterday, for the first time I felt ready to begin the query journey. I didn’t get here on my own, and I’ve no idea where it will lead. And that’s what it’s all about. It’s been a spiritual journey, as everything is when you open your eyes to the bigger Story going on around you.

I’m aware this is just another small step on the path to publishing my new novel. But I’m smart enough to know, it’s all about the journey along the way. That’s where the treasures lie. Arriving at your destination can be a let down if you don’t take time to collect the jewels on the journey.

Jewels like:

Laurie Scheer, my writing coach, who keeps me always writing forward.

Nancy Erickson, my spiritual coach, who keeps me living forward.

Margaret Mathias who read the very first crappy draft. And it’s not the first time. And John and Joan, Karrie, Gretta, Nancy, George and Charlie who read more crappy drafts.

That same Charlie whose support I couldn’t move forward without.

Toddy who made me a grilled cheese today and filled my water bottle and keeps me ever grounded whenever I start floating away.

Jewels like you, who are present and reading as I post and keep me inspired and working.

Yesterday, when I called Nancy to let her know I wouldn’t be at Bible study this morning because I caught a cold, I told her I felt ready. And can you guess what she said? “Let’s pray! Shall we?” As if inviting me into a dance. And it is, as the Spirit dances between us.

She reminds me to keep my mind and heart open to God’s renewing grace, to always remember my “why,” to remember gratitude and to keep a thankful heart. It’s from there all else flows. That’s the gift she keeps giving to me. So Fannie and I are passing it on to you today, along with hopes and prayers for:

Happy Thanksliving!

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