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Joy, how do we meet with you?

How are you made manifest
In the fury?

Where do you begin and, tell me,
Will you ever end?

Are you like the broken iceberg
Weighted by the storm, loosened
From the shore, now set afloat
and free?

Or are you like the waves that make
Beautiful the waters’ furies
and remain?

Teach us as the One who lives thus so,
Who though reviled and rejected,
Still conquered and rose
above the fury.

Make us undaunted.

Let our eyes, as if beholding of
The noonday light, as the
Brilliant Body who rules the sea
Thereof, see anew.

Joy, we meet you here,
the wind against us, our endurance
Never expiring, but ever
Becoming more like you.

Come, into the fury,
Into the fire, fan the flames

Make all things new again.


Pondering Advent. Adapted from my Advent Calendar Posts December 2019

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