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I told Todd this morning that I was going to turn my phone off today, and he said, “When? 11:59 pm?”

I forgot to take my phone to work yesterday and felt free.

If it’s true that digital distractions are deafening our ears, darkening our spirits, destroying faith, and creating in its place a sick sense of self-importance, stunted relationships, stress, sadness, and a lack of sobriety–destruction of our souls–I’m turning mine off.

Just for a day.

I no longer have the excuse, Dad might be trying to call me. And God might be. I’ll take a walk in the leaves, finish my book so I can start another, plan a dinner for friends and, really, seriously now, give Todd my full attention.

Just for a day.

I’m going to phone instead of text and open myself to conversations that touch and warm my heart, and challenge me to think and feel more deeply. I’m going to breathe in consciously and not with all those short, fettered, unconscious breaths. I’ll let the air cleanse my mind and fill me with a sense of newness. Then I’ll quiet my thoughts and be still before God and ask, “Are You there?” And see what happens.

Just for a day. Not according to plan. 

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