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Little Isla turned nine on March 5. She was supposed to visit her Auntie and Uncle to celebrate her birthday, but she got sick and had to wait a week.

For her birthday treat, they all went to Boswell’s Bookstore and she picked out Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls ~100 Inspiring Young Changemakers, “Including Taylor Swift!” Isla said.

Later, she opened up her new birthday gel pens and sketch pad. By the time she went to bed, Isla had drawn portraits of three of the change-makers, including basketball player A’Ja Wilson, singer-songwriter Billie Eilish, and another singer-songwriter, Taylor Swift.

Isla is an artist who creates beautiful things. Like the fairy garden/gnome house under the tree in front of the house she made this morning. On the walk to the beach together, she collected all the little treasures. Now when fairies and gnomes come to visit, they have a couch to sit and read books on, a table to write stories at and an easel for painting! There are even little plates for chocolate chip muffins.

Isla is also an entrepreneur! When her new puppy Reese turned one year old, for his birthday present, she made him treats out of almond flour, peanut butter and a secret ingredient.

Reese liked the treats so much, he ate them all lickety-split so Isla and her sister Dahlia and brother Eddie decided to start a dog treat business to keep up with the supply!

They made 175 treats, took them around the neighborhood and sold them all. Then they made more treats and that’s how the “Wenzler Walkers Dog Treats Business” came to be!

Isla likes Taylor Swift songs and sang them last night as she drew. But she also makes songs of her own that come to her mind.

She will tell you it’s very important not to let people put you down. When the boys at school called her names, she said, “Eh, I’ll take that as a compliment!” and walked away.

When she told Auntie she was a Girl Scout, Auntie told her a little story about being at camp when she was Isla’s age. There was a mean girl in her cabin and Auntie and the other girls sprayed bug repellent on her bunk bed, even though she was allergic. Isla said, “That wasn’t very nice.” And she was right. Auntie wishes she could go back and do that over. But she can’t.

Then, while this story was being written, Isla also drew a picture of the orchid sitting in front of the dining room window.

So this is why Auntie and Uncle like to hang out with Isla. She reminds them that art is important. But more important than art, is a beautiful heart like Isla’s!

Isla Wenzler is a changemaker! And a very special Artist/Entrepreneur/Singer/Songwriter

Now when she reads her Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls book, there will be a page all about her! (Happy Birthday, Isla!) 🙋🏻👨‍🦰🐕😼🌷💕

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