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Different moods of water float
with ease through broken ice. Let
our moods too. As water is drawn
through rocky shores toward sandy
beaches, may we be drawn to?

What is love that it should shine
through the dark nights of our souls?
What is darkness that it should reveal
the light of our love?

Broken things, these sharp edges,
have caused us to
shut down,
shut out,
shut up.

When our sharp edges are exposed,
they can cut so deep, so we try
to avoid them,
to hide them,

but sharp is sharp.
They cut, they slice, they wound,
they won’t leave us alone.

We want the edges smoothed, don’t we?
Our own sharp edges that have wounded,
cut into the lives of others and have
roughed up our own, we want them smoothed,
don’t we?

The carbon atoms found in coal are squeezed,
heated and pushed toward earth’s surface
where they can cool. Through pressure they are
squeezed, heated, pushed. Once cooled,
the dark clumps of coal…

Become the sparkling lights of diamonds.

Through fogs of loneliness, You
came. Your slow steady rocking rhythm
smoothed waters and the rough edges
of our broken pieces, our broken
down faith, lives and promises.

Through lost hope, You came, continued
on–loving–until we stopped sailing
our ships into breakwaters that were there

to protect us,
not break us.

And You turned our sharp edges of
Loneliness into loveliness.

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