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I really thought I was getting this down to a science…

Walk in back door. Feed Fannie, carry Sam outside. Let him sniff.

Move fast to add second load of wash. Leash Fannie. Grab baggies and treats as Fannie flings jubilantly around ankles and prances out the door.

Sam stares, Fannie leaps. I crank my arm and catch her mid air from colliding with Sam.

Walk/heal/corral Fannie to short end of block. Return to Sam, walk to north end of block. Turn to wave at Sam. Experience emotional moment. Wave again at old dog, walk back.

Repeat all as needed. 

Hold Fannie back as Sam climbs the steps. Keep Mary from escaping with right foot and give Sam a push in the butt with the left. “Potty outside” treats for all.

Discover poop on Sam’s back paws. Leash Fannie, scrub Sam in tub. New bandages and T, feed Sam, get him on couch for safety. Unleash Fannie for playtime. Make lunch. Check phone. Eat lunch.

Discover Mary’s litter not in litter box. Fannie stares back with litter whiskers. Clean up. Experience emotional moment.

Pen Fannie, grab briefcase, check phone, feed Mary, wave to old dog. Return to work to rest.

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