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Flames of green stare back from tips of branches imprinted against morning sky, as new shoots of color appear lit from within

While the Warblers seem pleased with the decor. For yesterday, this prelude to Summer was silent, but the Sun worked all day, the Wind throughout the night, to prepare this Hymn of Praise. The great

Promise of Spring’s renewal, when once again, the air will rouse our senses through open windows, and beckon us, “Come, come out!” His

Voice calling in the stillness of the morning. His presence, assured, endless mercy and grace always with us, before us, behind us, within us. In harmony Spring presents its inner workings to produce this

Awakening of new life—God in us—before, behind, above, below, His flame within. So clap your hands young leaves, stand tall tender

Shoots. Robed in His Righteousness, your beauty shines in the Light of the new day as all Creation sings, “Behold, He is making all things new again!”

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