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“No, I can’t have my coffee yet,” I say to Todd who is walking all tall and handsome like towards me with a freshly dripped cup of coffee, just the right temperature and color. “I haven’t had my pill yet.”

“Which one?” He asks. “Your Hair Essentials?” I laugh. He smirks. “They’re on the shelf. I saw them.” He teases me about taking vitamins for my hair but I really believe they work so they do. Is it that simple, I wonder?

What is essential is the pill I have to take to keep my engine going so I reach for a glass of water, swallow the pill and step out onto the deck. I will have to wait a bit for the coffee. The roof overhead gives me shade but I notice the sun on my feet and as I sit and read, I feel its warmth sneaking around the corner to my right. Soon, I know, I will be covered in its light.

Three times I read the word, righteous. It’s a big word, beyond me. So powerful. I never see it in the novels I read, in newspapers or in magazines. I never use it when I speak. He will make your righteous reward shine like the dawn, I read in Psalm 37. Then again, Make level paths for my feet so that I may be healed and your righteousness may shine on me like the noonday sun, in Hebrews 12. And there it is again, The fruit of righteousness is peace, its effect quietness and confidence…in Isaiah 32.

There is so much around me claiming to be truth.

How trivial my coming and going, my words and my thoughts, I think as I look out over the lush green surrounding me, to the water below and breathe in, listening to the sound of the waves and birds battling back and forth with calls reminding me of laughing hyenas.

His creation.

The sun has now covered me and I realize I am sitting in the light. I say the words, Your will, God, not mine. Your strength, not mine. Your abundance, not mine. Your love.  That’s what is essential.

And coffee, just the right temperature, just the right color.





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