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Wake up. Feast on your favorite breakfast like the robin. Like the rabbits, with their ears poking up from the grass playing mindlessly, can we keep a sense of fun? The city scape is behind me. But I will soon be walking into it.

Rolling laps of sun-streaked water foretell of a warm summer day. At last. Moody gray sky is painted in blue.

Feathers lay scattered across the sand. One is magical but these lie in patches, wet weighted and sand-crusted. Even seagulls battle.

Survival. Endurance. Perseverance. Surrender. Abundance. Seagull dips his head to climb against the wind.

The water is glass smooth. There is no wind today. Seagulls soar in lyrical phrases pointing the eye upward.

Prepare to conquer. His face shines on you. When necessary, tuck your chin against the wind and rise.

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