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Seeing T scratch the old horse’s ears and then lay its head on his shoulder.

watching a tiny yellow finch on the weathered farm fence one morning and seeing a

bluebird the next. My son noticed the color inside the afternoon shadow. Some say bluebirds are a sign of joy and contentment. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bluebird before…

or a white horse watching me through a forest of trees

or a whitetail deer staring back at me like the

three tiny white flowers along the roadside or

the sky’s expression just before nightfall or

the juxtaposition of heights from these mountains.

All this, and then seeing my son in a well-worn sweatshirt I gave him 17 years ago and hearing him say that it’s one of his two most treasured possessions.

When he returned for one more hug after we had said goodbye, I guess I accepted, finally, that it’s okay I was never the perfect mom. He loves me and I couldn’t possibly love him any more.

We are all perfectly imperfect.

God’s grace covers everything.

I look for it now. I watch. It shows up, moment by moment.

Headed home!

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